Are You Looking for Ways to Help at True Light FRC?

We have put together a list to help answer this question so many are asking to give some ideas:

1. Pray for this ministry to the homeless women, children and families

2. Consistent administrative volunteering for data entry, filing or mailing.

3. Teach a class or lead a group. For example:

-computer skills

-job search skills or job skills

-creative crafts : knitting, crocheting, sewing, scrap-booking, etc

-creative writing ; journaling

-discussion group on goal-setting or other life-issue topics

4. Help prepare a noon meal at Emancipation (our women's day shelter) in their new kitchen, provide fresh unopened groceries

5. Do a food pantry drive. (We use the food for Emancipation Station meals and when people in the community have emergencies.)

6. Collect Paper products, cleaning supplies, and office supplies. For example:

- paper towels, toilet, paper, table napkins

-styrofoam, plates, cups (8oz), and plastic ware

-liquid hand soap and dish soap

-all-purpose cleaning supplies: toilet bowl cleaner, etc

-printer paper, envelopes, correction fluid, file folders, etc

7. Collect hygiene and toiletry items and diapers

8. Have a work day at True Light. We especially need men with expertise in:

- carpentry and handyman repairs

-electrical work and plumbing

9. Donate monetary funds

10. Contact us for special project for teams

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