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True Light's Kitchen Project

True Light along with partner, Metro Lutheran Ministries, currently serves up to 300 people on Saturday using an apartment sized kitchen. In addition, True Light serves homeless women and children breakfast and lunch daily. Some volunteers have resorted to bringing in their own griddles and kitchen equipment as well as storing food off-site to meet the needs of the people. When the Saturday breakfast was initially started, they were serving 65 people. They now serve nearly 300 people. They must to expand the kitchen to be a commercial sized kitchen to accomodate the growing need. The amount needed to fund this project is $181,000 based on estimates from private contractors and architects. True Light has raised $176,000 through various grants and private donors. Some of the money pledged is contingent upon raising the full amount. Please donate any amount of money of which you feel comfortable. If you are unable to donate at this time, please help us spread the word by forwarding this message in an email, posting to your facebook or twitter accounts or considering volunteering at True Light. We very much appreciate your help and consideration. We invite you to come and visit True Light to see what we do and volunteer if you can.

Donate to True Light's Go Fund Me page and see updates.

Thank you!

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